colectiva la tribu

Cíclicas Manifesto

Nous sommes le mélange de plusieurs territoires
Cosmiques et guerrières
De pleures et de courage
De cris et d'éclats de rire
Nous sommes histoire de peau métisse
Folles et sages
Douces et révolutionnaires
Indomptables et profondes
Nous sommes le rêve vivant de ce temps et d’autres
De danses et de chants
De joies et de douleurs
De défaites et de victoires

Toutes les peines fleurissent en nous
En nous vivent la fille, la mère et la grand-mère
Nous sommes
La voix étouffée de nos soeurs
La mémoire vivante de nos ancêtres
L'héritage sauvage et filles souveraines de cette terre


We are a mixture of many territories
Cosmic and guerrilla
Of cries and bravery
Of screams and laughter

We are the history of mixed skin
Crazy and wise
Sweet and revolutionary
Untamed and deep
We are the living dream of this time and others
Of dances and songs
Of joys and sorrows
Of defeats and victories
All sorrows blossom in us
Live in us the girl, the mother and the grandmother
We are
The drowned voice of our sisters
The living memory of our ancestors
The wild heritage and sovereign daughters of this land

Colectiva Tribu was born in a self-managed and self-convened way in 2019 and which, first of all, comes together to share and discuss the social realities that we experience as immigrant women. Currently, we are a collective of women and feminist dissidents of diverse origins, generations and backgrounds. We work around both local and international realities, giving importance to the issues we experience in our daily lives.
On this path of arduous struggle against the constant violation of our rights as women, in addition to intervening in public spaces with various interventions and artistic performances, the collective is mobilizing to encourage the opening of spaces for exchange and discussion. These spaces subsequently allowed other women and dissidents to join the collective by sharing the vision of this common struggle.
Interventions in performance halls
Cíclicas: Resistiendo en el re/deconstrucción, multidisciplinary piece, La Chute Miraculeuse Festival, August 2023. Trois-Pistoles.
Cíclicas: Resistiendo en el re/deconstrucción, multidisciplinary piece. 16th Montreal International Anarchist Theater Festival, FITAM (Sala Rossa), May 2023
50 Golpes, artistic intervention. Exhibition Creating People’s Power: Allende’s Legacy in Quebec, Écomusée du Fier Monde, September 2023, Montréal
Courage, multidisciplinary intervention, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of the Dead organized by the University Committee of Latin America (CUAL-UQAM), Agora UQAM, November 2019.
Interventions in public spaces.
Mujer Entropía, intervention in public space. Parc Jarry September 2022, Montréal.
Funeral/Wedding March, International Day Against Violence Against Women, Saint-Michel and Sherbrooke metro, November 27, 2021.
Stop killing us, performance. Demonstration against feminicides in Quebec, April 2021, Montréal.
Fragile memory, multidisciplinary artistic intervention. Jean Mance Park, September 11, 2020, Montreal.
Socio-community projects.
Body expression and organic dance workshop, La Chute Miraculeuse festival, August 2023, Trois-Pistoles.
Women's cooperative, space for exchange, experiences and knowledge. series of virtual workshops in the context of the pandemic, February 16 - April 30, 2021, online.
Artistic intervention and stories for children, Loisirs communautaire Saint-Michel, August 2021, Montréal.

Other projects
Participation of Colectiva Tribu in the representation of the performance “A rapist on your way” by the Chilean feminist collective Las Tesis, special program “These women we kill”, Radio Canada Info, March 6, 2020.
Kon-Fusion, Song Sin miedo - Traigo de mi, Live recording music Video and dance session in collaboration with the music group Kon-fusion, July 2020, Montreal.
americana artists
Stephanie Osorio
Carmen Ruiz